Of All The Letters In The Alphabet, The L Shaped One Seems To Be The Most Functional

Well, depending on your profession, you might wish to argue with that sentiment. If persuasive argument is your trade, then by all means, feel free to rant. Jumping in the queue, it has to be said that the O shaped communal desk was tried. If you have had experience in this open plan office environment, deceptively promoted as an opportunity to collectivize as a team, but saying nothing about the boss’s ability to keep an eye out, then you may also agree that it was highly impractical in its time.

People really did not have much space to move their elbows. And of course, there was little or no room for privacy. The use of l shaped office desks, however, is still in full force. Team leaders and office managers have seen the value of having such wings, as indeed they turn out to be when placed in a wholly office environment. The wing extension is decorative and adds to the ability to make still more use of available space.

Zoning or squaring into the L shaped office desk, no office worker can go wrong. You can argue about this too if you like but such desks sourced from and supplied by premium producers of office furniture have taken good care of ergonomic requirements. The desk’s height has to be approximate, given that workers come in all shapes and sizes. Ergonomically designed office chairs, however, can be adjusted to allow for a comfortable alignment for eyes, arms, hands and even feet.

l shaped office desks

There is plenty of room to move about. Storage space, however, is encouraged to be kept at a minimum, given that office workers now have full use of their desk top terminals.